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What can your church do as an Eastertime outreach that hasn’t already been done? Here are 10 ideas to get your thoughts rollin’.
The church down the street does an annual Easter egg hunt, and that mega church across town has the huge Easter drama with live animals and a cast of thousands. (Or is that a cast of thousands of live animals?) Anyway, what can your church do as an Easter time outreach that hasn’t already been done?


Eastertime Outreach - Change of Pace

Here are 10 ideas to get your thoughts rollin’.

  1. Host a fine art exhibit and competition featuring local artists. Supply an Easter theme and offer awards in categories for different artistic media (oil painting, sculpture, and so on). Also allow artists to sell their works at the exhibition.
  2. For a less professionally oriented event, invite people from your community to submit photos of an Easter theme. Choose something such as the word(s) “resurrection” or “Easter celebration.” Invite a local professional photographer to judge entries. In addition to displaying photos in your church building, purchase space in your local newspaper to publish the winning photos.
  3. Connect with a local synagogue and combine congregations for a traditional Passover Seder meal.
  4. Hold a sunrise service for a unique affinity group and combine the service with their interest. For example, host a 5K and 10K race for runners after a service geared toward runners.
  5. Adopt the Easter traditions of another country. For some ideas, check out the drop menu at http://christianity.about.com/library/bleasterspecial.htm.
  6. Host an Easter buffet after your services. Take reservations or simply invite people from your congregation and the community. Provide as many linens and real dishes as you can to make it a fancy meal to remember.
  7. Put together and sell a craft book or recipe book centered around an Easter theme. Give proceeds of the sales to a local homeless shelter, food bank, or crisis pregnancy center.
  8. Go simple. Rather than a full-scale Easter drama or musical, hold a simple reading of Scriptures related to Easter or a recital-like concert with an instrumental or vocal soloist.
  9. Host or sponsor a community fireworks display—what could be more worthy of celebrating than the resurrection of the Savior!
  10. For the children (and the young at heart) of your community, hold a candy-making or pretzel-making event. Create edible Easter symbols and send participants home with a simple, delicious object lesson.

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